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Porsha Williams Finally Addresses Why She Decided to Unfollowing Kandi Burruss on Instagram

Porsha Williams had “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans speculating that her budding relationship with Kandi Burruss was stunted after she unfollowed her co-star on Instagram two months ago. But now, the first-time mom-to-be is explaining why she made the move in the first place.

“I do unfollow, I am an unfollow queen. Because I am an active Instagram person. And if I’m mad at you and I see you come down my timeline,” Williams admitted on “Dish Nation” Thursday, Oct. 10 gesturing with a big grin and her chest puffed out, “then I will unfollow yo ass real quick.”

The star then directly admitted she did unfollow Burruss but said she’ll probably follow her again “at some point.” She said she removed the singer from her feed “because she posted something I didn’t want to see.”

“I done unfollowed everybody at one point in time or another,” she says. “But the problem with unfollowing Kandi is that everybody know Kandi. So as soon as I unfollowed her she all in my explore [page]. ‘Hey there b—-!'”

Williams stopped following Burruss in August just after the star explained how she and Williams had gotten back on good terms after a rumor Phaedra Parks spread in RHOA season 9 threatened Burruss’ reputation. At the time, Parks said Burruss wanted to drug and rape Williams in her supposed sex dungeon.

But it seemed Burruss had previously put the past behind her and explained how she and Williams were cordial.

“Here are some throwback clips of a few @kandikoatednights episodes that we did when our show was still online with @amberrose @tamiroman & @porsha4real (I guess it’s ok for me to post you since we’re cool again after this weekend…😂),” Burruss said in a June throwback post.

Yet not long after Williams stopped seeing Burruss in her feed, Burruss hit unfollow on Williams too. The co-stars have not followed one another since then.

Meanwhile, fans have been sharing their thoughts on why Williams isn’t including Burruss on her IG timeline.

“Whatever makes u happy girl.”

“She could have muted her.”

“Muting is better you’ll forget you even follow them lol.”

“I don’t really think Kandi cares lol.”

“Goes to show that Kandi be having Porsha bothered💅🏾”

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