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Fans Slam Joseline Hernandez For Promoting Fitness When ‘Her Body Is Silicon’

Joseline Hernandez‘s junk in the trunk is the topic of conversation among fans in her comment section who are debating if its natural.

Hernandez is in the midst of starting another 28-day fitness challenge and has been working out like crazy. In her most recent Instagram video, the 31-year-old ran back-and-forth in the sand around four reflective traffic cones placed on the beach. She captioned the recording, “Dodging the bullet with my @ri28challenge 😎.”

However, the only thing that social media paid attention to in Hernandez’s recording was the reality star’s rear end and her body. The movement of “Joseline”‘s backside lead to bickering among fans and naysayers on Instagram.

“Her body is athletic and thick.. wtf everyone is not 4’11 100lbs n small,” one fan wrote.

“That’s her body she works out daily its hers I thought it was fake until she showed me different all sis do is work out,” another person commented.

“Joseline’s body is not natural. She’s open about what she’s had done it’s no secret.”

“Yea don’t be actin like it’s natural. THIS IS NOT HER BODY.”

“Wym that’s her real a$$ lol if it don’t jiggle it ain’t real.”

“That’s silicon and fat. It’s not much muscle in that. She’s trying to tone look at her exercises, it’s not muscle building based workouts.”

One Instagram user added, “Her body is on point…whether she had work done or not. She puts in the work.”

The “Puerto Rican Princess” recently faced backlash on her series of videos and photos for dressing too provocative. Social media felt that she should dress more “appropriately” since giving birth to her one-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella.

One fan told Hernandez, “You really need to go sit down. You have an daughter. Wow!! Some things to to #JustStop.”

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