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‘LHHH’ Fans Side With K. Michelle After Paris Phillips Nearly Messed Up Her ‘New Nose’ with a Glass

The beef between Paris Phillips and her frenemy K. Michelle came to a head after the singer accused Phillips of stealing more than $300 off of her credit card.

On Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood“, Phillips and K. Michelle’s friendship came to an end once and for all. The two co-stars have been at each other’s throats for years after K. Michelle claimed her former assistant stole $50 from her to catch an Uber ride in 2014. Nevertheless, the two ladies sat down with one another to discuss the theft allegations against Phillips and to put the story to rest for once and for all.

K. Michelle

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Phillips told K. Michelle she was tired of being painted as a thief by the singer and felt hurt by the singer’s accusations. K. Michelle on the other hand felt Phillips was “making excuses for what happened” and pulled out several pages of receipts that showed the dates and charges of when Phillips allegedly used her credit card. The “V.S.O.P” artist said Phillips racked up more than $300 on her credit card.

Phillips was clearly angry and ferociously threw a drink and glass at K. Michelle. Security quickly intervened between the co-stars as K. Michelle continued to painting Phillips a “thief.”

“LHHH” viewers and fans blasted Phillips online and said her quick-tempered actions made her look completely “guilty.”

“Is Paris getting hostile cause @kmichelle put her on blast or is Paris hostile cause she’s guilty.”

“Paris on set to do a movie but the first thing she bring up is the theft situation 🤔🤔 Guilty much?”

“K had the receipts & Paris throws a drink?! Seems guilty 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“Paris did all that guilty asf Kimberly had receipts lmfaoooo.’

“Kim pulled out the receipts 💳 and Paris lit up with rage. That’s why she attacked her. The guilty will always try to uproar with anger as a distraction when confronted with the painful truth.”

In August, K. Michelle responded to a fan on Twitter that she planned on pressing charges against Phillips. However, the “Fall Girls” actress has yet to respond to K.’s legal threat.

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