K. Michelle to Seek Legal Action Following Confrontation with Paris Phillips of ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’

R&B singer K. Michelle addressed online rumors of a physical confrontation with “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast-mate Paris Phillips.

K. Michelle and Phillips appeared to be besties again after Monday night’s airing of the VH1 reality show, but things seemed to have taken a turn for the worst.

The two women allegedly threw blows with each other during the taping of a “LHHH” episode after the conversation about Phillips stealing from the singer resurfaced. However, K. Michelle said that the two ladies never fought one another.

She wrote, “A drink was thrown, we were nowhere in any physical altercation. Not even close. Nobody ever threw any hands! But you won’t steal from and throw something. I have to handle it the Jewish way so I won’t get sued. ”

The Jasmine Brand reported that Phillips threw a plastic cup at K. Michelle’s head and tossed a beverage towards her. One person told the news source, ” Although K. Michelle doesn’t have any allies this season and no one wants to film with her, she’s trying really hard to get Paris kicked off the show.”

Phillips posted an image on her Instagram August 1st that read, ” When you do right by people and stay solid you always be blessed.”

K. Michelle previously discussed a falling out she had with a friend on Twitter a day after Phillips shared her post. She also vocalized her decision to pursue legal action against the person.

“It’s crazy when you get to a certain point, you can’t react because people love to sue and get free money,” the singer wrote in the first post.

K. Michelle continued, “It’s amazing how you can be so angry at a friend and still have a soft spot for them regardless.”

The alleged theft situation between the two “LHHH” stars took place three years ago. Phillips reportedly used K. Michelle’s credit card for $50 to catch an Uber ride without the singer’s permission. However, Phillips claimed she forgot to delete the artist’s credit card information off of her cellphone Uber app and tried to pay Kimberly the money back.

Another source told the Brand, “It’s surprising that she wants to get the law involved when for seasons she’s tried to attack people on the show. She’s already attempted to fight another cast mate on camera this season. But now she wants to take legal action?”

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