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Fans Slam K. Michelle for Trying to ‘Increase’ Butt Size After Removing Illegal Implants: ‘You Ought to be Ashamed’

Singer K. Michelle was recently dragged by fans for trying to make her backside bigger following her public buttocks debacle.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star has been very vocal about getting rid of her silicone butt implants that almost killed her. However, after four surgeries of butt injection removal, she’s in the process of trying to enlarge her booty naturally.

K. Michelle

(photo credit: Instagram)

K. Michelle took to Instagram on Monday and shared a photo of her squatting routine to build her backside. She captioned the image, “I must I must. I must increase my butt! Working hard 😂.”

However, the “Hard to Do” singer’s post quickly went left as fans blasted her for trying to maximize her gluteus maximus after making a public outcry over her fake butt implants.

“You ought to be ashamed,” one person exclaimed.

“If it was meant for you to have God would have gave it to you naturally! Life lessons are the best teaches,” another fan wrote.

“Yu still look like the fool that you truly are smh.”

“Still not happy with yourself? That butt don’t make you.”

“Its ok to be happy with what God gave you. Didn’t you just have all them surgeries to get better and be natural? #attentionseeker.”

One fan added, “Damn this is sad. This is all you had to do from the beginning sis.’

K. Michelle spoke out about her silicone butt injections in 2017 and said it was a plastic surgery nightmare. She told People Magazine, that she thought having a bigger booty would boost her career. However, after getting the legal injections, the 34-year-old said she started to experience fatigue, headaches and pain in her back and legs. The injections soon began to spread down her limbs and damaged her tissue.

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