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Wendy Williams Isn’t Convinced Porsha Williams Will Actually Get Married

Despite Porsha Williams’ apparent giddiness over her engagement to boyfriend Dennis McKinleyWendy Williams seems to doubt that “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star will actually get married.

After showing the RHOA season 11 teaser trailer on her show Tuesday, Oct. 2, Wendy got into how Porsha, who is pregnant with her first child, got engaged to McKinley. The talk show host explained McKinley took his girl on a helicopter ride and Lil’ Mo serenaded them with Porsha’s favorite song. McKinley proposed with a huge 13-carat diamond ring that is said to be worth $750,000.

“And that’s just the ring,” Williams says. “Wait until you see the band once they actually make it down the aisle — if they make it down the aisle.”

Fans of Porsha Williams who caught Wendy’s Williams’ remarks were less than pleased with the talk show host’s comments.

“Wendy still throwing shade at Porsha, I see.”

“Wendy shut the f**k up,u long drink of water always bashing.”

“She’s starting to seem bitter and miserable 😒😒😒.”

“Wendy gets on my damn nerves sometimes…”

Others took up for Wendy Williams.

“It doesn’t matter what he put on her finger its still a chance that they won’t work out and make it down the aisle. I’m hoping for her sake they do I like her and wish her the best but Life can throw you a curve ball and you be like what the Hell. I don’t think she was being messy she was keeping it REAL.”

“Why do people get mad at Wendy for doing her job? She is just like any other gossip network if you don’t like what she says then don’t watch and have a opinion.”

“Wendy giving yall REAL Tea not the ish social media and reality tv trying to portray!! Stay woke…. Everything u see on tv is not as it is in REAL life.”

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