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New Video May Shed Light on Why Tamar Braxton Called Iyanla Vanzant ‘the Devil’

During the first part of the season finale of “Braxton Family Values,” a heated interaction occurred between Tamar Braxton and Iyanla Vanzant. And it may give a clue as to why Braxton later posted a tweet likening Vanzant to Satan.

The singer and life coach got into it when Vanzant slammed her and sister Toni Braxton for showing up late to the family mediation session, which was scheduled for 11 a.m.

“I need order. I need clarity. I need honor. I need honesty. I need respect,” Vanzant says on “BFV,” which aired Thursday, Sept. 27.

She went on to say that she ate her meal in her car in order to make it to the meeting on time. Tamar tried to interject, but Vanzant immediately cut her off.

“No! Your behavior diminishes your message,” Vanzant says. “You can’t do what I do because I tell the truth. And I show up on time. I’m where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there.”

“And so am I,” Tamar says.

“When somebody dishonors me, I don’t let it go on 55 times,” Vanzant continues, ignoring the singer’s statement. “I cap it like that.”

Tamar then blamed the production crew, saying they’re not honest about why she didn’t show up.

“This ain’t about the crew. This is about the spirit of chaos and confusion attached to the ‘Braxton Family Values,'” Vanzant shoots back.

Tamar was clearly irritated with the OWN star, and that irritation may have led her to lash out at Vanzant following the family counseling. On Sept. 1, Braxton tweeted that Vanzant, whom she referred to by her real name of Rhonda, is “the DEVIL!!!”

By Sept. 20, a report emerged that Vanzant was prepping to sue Tamar for defamation over the since-deleted remark.

Meanwhile, fans are giving their two cents on the on-screen confrontation, largely siding with Vanzant.

“Tamar is a 40 something year old brat!”

“I love the way she shut Tay Tay down… because she had those lies on deck…#facts…”

“Yes iyanla get them together.”

“Wish that Iyanla would smack Tamar in the face. She is so rude, disrespectful and Full of Crap.. she is the BAD POTATO of the family… and the root of the entire chaos.”

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