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Iyanla Vanzant Rumored to be Considering Defamation Lawsuit Over Tamar Braxton’s Now-Deleted Tweets

After Iyanla Vanzant sat down with the Braxton sisters to help resolve the issues among them, reports claimed tensions have continued to flare for the siblings. Since then, Tamar Braxton has made some disparaging remarks about the famed life coach and Vanzant is allegedly prepared to take legal action.

Vanzant held a meditation session with Towanda BraxtonToni BraxtonTrina BraxtonTamarTraci Braxton and their parents Evelyn Braxton and Michael Braxton that was taped for a two-part finale of “Braxton Family Values.”

But afterward, Tamar has been outspoken about how disappointed she was in the session. Now, the Jasmine Brand reports Vanzant is allegedly taking legal action against BFV’s network WE tv and its production company, Magical Elves.

The website cites insiders who say Tamar publicly remarked that she appeared on “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” which is untrue since it was Vanzant who appeared on her family’s reality show. The source says Vanzant is also concerned about tweets Tamar posted and then deleted. The singer’s assistant also made negative comments about the experience on social media.

“Referring to Iyanla as a ‘fake’ and a ‘fraud’ could have serious implications on the casting process for Iyanla Fix My Life and her reputation in general,” the source said.

Screenshots of tweets Tamar and her friend, LeTroy Davis posted have been captured. The star referred to Vanzant by her birth name, Rhonda, and said she is “the devil.” Tamar also co-signed tweets from Davis where he said, “that b—- was a fraud” and that she “ain’t fix s—.”

Additionally, Tamar speaking poorly about her experience on “The Wendy Williams Show” has worsened the situation, according to the sources.

“This is not a typical Tamar meltdown walkout situation,” Tamar said of what led her to leave Vanzant’s mediation. “The truth of the matter is that I have been molested by both sides of my family. It’s nothing I’ve ever talked about and I never thought that I would sit around a table with Iyanla, who’s here to talk about me and my sisters and their problems and to bring that up and sex shame me, basically, in front of everybody. So that’s why I got up and walked out.”

The insider also claims that since “Fix My Life” airs on OWN, the network is involved in the legal proceedings and has been in touch with WE tv and Magical Elves’ legal team.

“It’s her duty to protect her reputation, brand and OWN’s brand,” the source claims. “At this point, this is defamation and there should be consequences.”

However, an OWN representative told the Jasmine Brand claims of their involvement are “not true.” Meanwhile, the website claims Vanzant and her attorneys are hoping to settle the issue outside of court.

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