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Lil Rel Shares What Happened at Emmys After Katt Williams Dissed Him on Radio Show

Lil Rel has caught wind of what Katt Williams said about him during a recent interview, and rather than getting in his feelings, the “Get Out” actor just feels bad for Williams.

“They gon’ let you be a star, Lil Rel, but you ugly,” Williams said during an impromptu interview with Atlanta’s V-103 Sept. 14. “And white people don’t believe in ugly stars. They think you have to be somebody that women want to sleep with and men want to be. But because we black, they say, ‘Oh you don’t even deserve that.’ So you get Kevin Hart, Lil Rel, Jerrod Carmichael all in a row. … Just dudes that no woman would talk to in Lenox Mall, let alone you making ’em movie stars. Why? Because you know ain’t nobody gon’ sleep with them.”

When asked about the comments during the screening of the second episode of his Fox series “Rel” at the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York, Sept. 19, the comic said of Williams, “I feel bad for him.”

“There’s a reason why most of us haven’t given him jobs. He’s so talented, so funny, but I don’t know what he’s really angry about.” Rel told TwoBeezTV. “The crazy thing is, maybe like five years ago he pulled me to the side and was like, ‘You going to be a star one day. Don’t let them burn you out.’ Gave me advice and said I was gon’ be a star. He probably don’t even remember that. … It’s just sad more than anything. Right now, it’s a lot of unity in the gang. Some of these bitter guys gotta get out.”

Lil Rel spoke more about the aftermath of Williams’ comments against him during a Q&A at the “Rel” screening and said he saw the “Atlanta” star backstage at the Emmys. Rel explained he had been talking to Dave Chappelle, who praised his work. When Williams saw that, he walked away.

“The greatest thing about that moment is maturity for me, personally,” Rel said. “At the end of the day, all of us come from nothing and we all worked hard to get here. And to be angry about what people get the same thing … you should applaud that. I will never understand people that open doors for you get mad once you walk through the door. It doesn’t make sense. So that means everything you’ve been saying all these years about putting people on … has been a lie.”

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