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Stay Classy: Fans Slam Keyshia Ka’Oir for Wearing Salacious Outfit

Gucci Mane‘s wife Keyshia Ka’Oir had the Internet buzzing about her baring black catsuit.

Ka’Oir and her husband were recently spotted out in Atlanta over the weekend. However, Ka’Oir stole the spotlight with her revealing attire and soon became the center of attention.

The model flaunted her curves and her other assets in a tight-fitting black sheer catsuit. Ka’Oir’s ensemble left little to nothing to the imagination as the translucent outfit showed off her breasts. She and her hubby matched together while wearing all-black attire to the club Compound on Sunday.

Keyshia Ka'Oir

(photo credit: Keyshia Instagram)

Ka’Oir took to Instagram on Sept. 23 and wrote, “Can’t fail from rejection, when u don’t give give AF about their acceptance!!”

Fans dragged the model for her risqué outfit and asked, “What kind of wife comes out of the house looking like that.”

“Sis have some respect for yourself and Your husband,” one fan wrote.

“Keyshia you look good but leave a little bit to the Imagination so that the mans dem can still respect your husband. And Gucci you need to know when to say yes or no and clearly this is a NO🤔,” another fan added.

“She could hv wore those fancy nipple covers and that fit would hv popped,She can dress but this is the only one I’m not feeling.”

“This is too much! Keep it classy!”

“Your too beautiful for this outfit. Its about respect not acceptance. Naw sis.”

One fan added, “Am I the only one that thinks this is sooo not classy. What’s wrong with women. Yes shes beautiful and looks nice but that’s for her husband to see now.”

Ka’Oir has been receiving criticism on her fashion choices lately. Just last week fans blasted the mother of three for wearing a Fendy sweater in Florida summer weather.

“Why is she always in a hot sweaty sweaters. I don’t understand the name brand stuff all the time. NEWS FLASH***”*”””************THERE IS NO WINTER IN FLORIDA!”

“That sweater lit why you got it on tho 😳🤔 Like is it hot or cold? The sweater and the pool…the sun.”

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