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Fans Scratching Their Heads After Keyshia Ka’Oir Posts Summer Picture Wearing ‘Winter’ Clothes

“Mane Event” reality star Keyshia Ka’Oir had social media users scratching their heads as she donned a designer sweater by the poolside.

Ka’Oir and her husband Gucci Mane are known for their “drippy” fashions, but fans blasted Ka’Oir’s most recent photo of her sporting a long-sleeve Fendy sweater during the summertime. The model took to Instagram on Tuesday and posted a selfie by the pool. She wrote, “Backyard vibe.”

Keyshia Ka'Oir

(photo credit: Keyshia’s Instagram)

Fans were confused as to why the star was wearing a sweater during summer weather in Florida.

One Instagram user commented, “Why is she always in a hot sweaty sweaters. I don’t understand the name brand stuff all the time. NEWS FLASH***”*”””************THERE IS NO WINTER IN FLORIDA!”

One fan asked, “What’s the weather like there? This picture indicates a few different climates. Why a sweater on by the pool though?”

“I’m hot for you lol. You are doing a great job looking cool when I know you are burning up in that sweater.”

“That sweater lit why you got it on tho 😳🤔  Like is it hot or cold? The sweater and the pool…the sun 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ ijdk.”

“I guess when u have money it doesn’t matter if your hot with a sweater on that’s Gucci lol 🤦 even its 8000 degrees in the south.”

“Keyshia so you’re not burning up rn? What’s the weather outside…and why do u have on a sweater….just wondering.”

Another person wrote, “Isnt it hot outside??? What’s the temp in Miami? I’m confused by sweater.”

Ka’Oir also flossed off her new customized “lambo” with tires that read “Mrs. Davis” recently. Although the celebrity’s over-the-top style may be too much for some people, Ka’Oir fans are in love with her mannerisms.

“Icy type, straight wifey type 💙 A true boss lady.”

“For real!!!say what you feel and live your best life to the simple and popping.”

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