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Rasheeda Frost Called Out as Being Aloof Toward Fans at Her Boutique

Social media slammed “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost for allegedly being rude to fans who tried to get her attention.

The “Boss Chick” was heading to her Atlanta clothing boutique Pressed over the weekend and was greeted by fans. She took to Instagram on Sunday to share a video of her “pull up” game at the store and wrote, “Walk-in into work like…. @pressedatl pull-up 😘.”

Rasheeda Frost

Rasheeda Frost recently expanded her cosmetics line and opened a second clothing store in Houston, Texas. (Pinterest)

In the recording, fans yelled, “Hey, Rasheeda,” as Frost walked by, but social media users claimed the reality star didn’t “speak back.”

The Pressed owner tried shutting down the claims she was rude and noted in her Instagram video caption, “Yes I did speak I wouldn’t just walk pass & not do so!” However, fans didn’t believe Frost and said she’s so “disrespectful.”

“Damn sis a hug would of been nice u walked past us like we were peasants we had just came out of there too,” said one fan.

“It look like she thru shade at that girl but I love her still 🤭,” another added.

“She didn’t speak but her Husband did. She might have threw a smile her way or whatever..but the words hey, hello hi what’s up! None of that came outta her mouth!! She’s so rude and disrespectful!”

“You spoke however, I’m not gone act like it wasn’t Hollywood! You already have the no picture policy unless someone buys something! Everyone may not have that money but want to see someone that they liked on tv or feel like the love is reciprocated! You walked kind of fast in your store like hey and kept walking! Smh.”

One fan commented, “Sorry I heard Kirk say what’s up, she clearly didnt say anything unless she justed smiled, look rude to me… I’ve watched it over and over!!! I love your style, but from what I see sis look a lil rude 😏.”

This isn’t the first time Frost has been accused of being rude to customers. In July, the star’s mother, Shirleen Harvell, got into a dispute with fans who hoped for a photo without purchasing anything. A video of Harvell’s verbal altercation with fans went viral, and social media slammed Frost and her mother as discourteous.

“Wow I’ll never buy anything From Rasheeda ever again no love for fans at all. Rude af!”

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