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Fans Are Cracking Up After Mariah Huq Clowns Dr. Heavenly’s Home During Explosive Confrontation on ‘Married to Medicine’

Dr. Heavenly Kimes had little patience to hash out any past issues with Mariah Huq on Sunday night’s “Married to Medicine,” and it led to one of the newest quotes to come out of the Bravo canon.

At a crab boil hosted at Kimes’ home, the dentist was fed up with getting shut out of helping her friend Quad Webb-Lunceford, who has distanced herself from the ladies in the wake of her divorce filing. Kimes couldn’t understand it and noted that despite the drama that’s erupted in the group over the past few years — like the scuffle between Toya Bush-Harris and Huq over claims about the latter’s daughter — everyone always comes back together. However, when Huq chimed in to add her piece, Kimes didn’t want to hear it and walked off. Then the two began firing shots at one another when they reconvened.

“You say you got receipts on my husband, that’s a lie,” Kimes fires off at Huq. “Just because your husband cheated don’t mean mine did. … You’re a liar.”

“I come with receipts and motherf—ing invoices!” Huq shouts.

The women trade barbs about one another’s moms, then Huq dropped the viral quote.

“Your house nasty! Pressure-wash this motherf—er!” she screams. “You done set us all up for mothrf—ing contamination!”

The moment had social media users bursting out with laughter.

“I am hollering at Mariah telling Heavenly to pressure wash her house 😂

“Not pressure wash 😩.”

“pressure wash this MF 🗣🗣😭😭😂😭😂😂 these folks crazy #Married2med.”

“‘PRESSURE WASH’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Lmfaooooo @iluvmariah.”

“I’m still screaming at @iluvmariah saying pressure wash this mofo! Girrrrrrrrl you got lines fa dayz!! #Married2Med #married2medicine.”

“TOOOOOOO. She did not just tell her to pressure wash her ‘nasty ass house’😩😂. Mariah is undefeated #married2med.”

“‘Pressure wash this setting us up for contamination’ I’m W E A K ! ”

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