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Exclusive: Mariah Huq Returns, Reveals Biggest Regret of First Five Seasons of ‘Married to Medicine’

Mariah Huq is marking her return to “Married to Medicine” as the Bravo series starts its sixth season this fall. Huq, who created the show and remained the executive producer even during her three-season stint in a recurring role, will be joining the show full time during a season that will test the relationships between the cast and their marriages. And in an exclusive talk with Atlanta Black Star, she’s revealing the one regret she’s had during her time on the Bravo show.

Fans will remember Huq got into a fight with Toya Bush-Harris during season one. The battle stemmed from Bush-Harris blabbing at a beauty salon that Huq’s oldest child, Lauren, is not her husband Aydin Huq’s biological child. And Huq’s mother heard all of the gossip and was heated about it.

Later, during Aydin’s birthday bash, Bush-Harris walked up to Huq to talk about Huq’s mother confronting her. Then things escalated into defensiveness over their mothers before the two grabbed one another and tussled into the seating area.

It’s “absolutely” a disappointment for Huq.

“I hated being in a physical altercation with Toya. I hated being in a fight, because that’s not who either of us are,” she says. “Both of us are educated African-American women. I created the show, and I was doing it to highlight so many successful women. So to be seen and introduced that way, I brought it on myself. So I really, really, really regretted that. That’s probably my biggest regret.”

Today, however, Huq says things are “amazing” between her and Bush-Harris.

“That’s the irony of life. We truly are sister-friends. That’s what you call it when you can fight and come back and snap back. Our relationship is great. Our mothers have a good relationship, they really get along, love each other.

“I love that,” she added. “I love that we were able to really, really come back full force from that. I think that says a lot about forgiveness and growth.”

As for what viewers can expect from M2M, Huq, who said the ladies mostly gave her a warm welcome back to the show, compares the season to a spicy Mexican food spread.

“All I can say is you’re not just gon’ see pico de gallo,” she explained. “You’ll see some salsa, honey. And some tortillas and a whole lotta hot tamales. Like, you gon’ see a whole lot this season. And I think you see the dynamics change and I think you start to see people for who they really are, not for who they want you to think they are.”

The new season of “Married to Medicine” airs Sunday, Sept. 2, at 8 p.m.

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