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Fans Fawn Over Keyshia Ka’Oir’s Flashy New Custom Whip

Social media is going crazy over model Keyshia Ka’Oir‘s customized car after she took to Instagram on Sunday to showcase the vehicle.

The Ka’Oir Fitness owner and her husband Gucci Mane are known for their over-the-top antics, and Ka’Oir definitely flaunted her cutting-edge blue coupe with fans. The star’s customized Lamborghini had all-black leather interior with butterfly doors and special-made tires that read “Mrs. Davis.”

Keyshia Ka'Oir

(photo credit: Keyshia’s Instagram)

Ka’Oir shared a photo of herself posing on top of her new car and wrote on Instagram, ” I didn’t come to play witch u hoes period 💎.”

Fans were in love with the model’s new Lambo and said, “that’s how a real boss moves.”

“Watching your sharing is a very enjoyable thing, dear. This is what I picture when Bey says FAST LIKE MY LAMBO,” said one fan.

“Come through Mrs Davis! That’s a real boss move,” another added.

“Icy type, straight wifey type 💙 A true boss lady…..Nephew u got u 1….Proud of u both.”

“For real!!!say what you feel and live your best life to the simple and popping.”

“Damn hell will have to freeze over for bad mind people to stop hating…. @keyshiakaoir this pic is making people mad … you need to post more like this 😂.”

“Ok wifiee We see u Mrs. Davis, Kill em Honey. You ain’t come to play.”

One fan commented, “All the diamonds you wear like I need more exposure to the finer things in life! #myinspiration.”

Rapper Gucci Mane chimed in under his wife’s picture and said, “U my type!”

Ka’Oir and her husband appeared on BET for their first reality show “The Mane Event,” which showcased their diamonds-everywhere wedding. Days before the couple tied the knot, people accused Ka’Oir of abandoning her children to marry the rapper. However, the reality star silenced haters and said, “Just because we don’t show them to you doesn’t mean we’re bad parents or we’re hiding them….the internet, they’re bullies and trolls – and children are vulnerable.”

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