Update: Wanda Smith Blames Co-Host Frank Ski for Not Stopping Katt Williams’ ‘Attacks’

V-103 radio host Wanda Smith cleared the air about some chatter over why her fellow “Frank and Wanda In The Morning” host Frank Ski didn’t race to her defense during a heated roasting session with Katt Williams last week.

Over the weekend, reports emerged that police were investigating after Smith’s husband allegedly pulled a gun on Williams at a comedy club following the on-air toe-to-toe moment.

Yet on Monday, Sept. 17, the two paused the music to have a 43-minute talk about the viral moment, which saw Williams make jokes about Smith’s clothes, hair, weight and her cooking.

Many listeners remarked about how Ski laughed along with the jokes Williams was spewing at Smith as she struggled to land any successful digs at the comic.

“It caught me off totally off guard,” Smith, a burgeoning comic, says on the show. “And after it went on for a while, I did want it to end. And I know you’re the person that normally would cut things off … and that never happened.”

However, Ski contended that he tried to go to a commercial break three times but Smith and Williams kept trading barbs. Still, Smith said she expected her co-host, whom she referred to as “the man of the house,” to put an end to the jokes.

“When we’re sitting in the heat of the moment and what’s going on in the studio and it was funny going back and forth, that’s why I kept going,” Ski explains. “I tried to go to break a couple times. And in those exchanges, I think sometimes you would stop and you would say something real quick and then he’d come back … and that’s why it didn’t happen.

“Yes, Katt got the best of it but there were times when you got the best of it,” Ski continued. “I don’t cut you off and I don’t cut other people off. I’m not about to be on the radio and be fake like, ‘OK, we just gon’ cut it off’ because I just didn’t feel that way. I thought that’s what you wanted.”

Smith said she felt the incident being posted online by the local radio station was “disrespectful” since she lives in Atlanta. She added that had the roles been reversed, she would have stepped in to stop the joking. But Ski said he didn’t see it as rude, rather he saw it as “two comedians playing the joanses … It just so happened on that day, you lost.”

When Smith asked Ski directly if he felt as if he should have stopped the interview, Ski said he didn’t “appreciate” him getting the blame for it.

“You have just as much responsibility to go to break that I do,” Ski says. “You could have looked at the producer and say, ‘OK, cut it.’ And he would have cut it. But you didn’t do that. … You got just as much power as I do so I don’t want people to listen to the show thinking that I got this magic button that I push. That’s not the way this thing works. I didn’t know.”

“Had it gone the other way, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now,” he adds. “Had you won over Katt Williams we wouldn’t be sitting here having the conversation. So it’s unfair to say I shoulda stopped it just because you lost.”

Ski maintained he “never” wanted to hurt Smith’s feelings and felt bad that that happened.

In response, fans continued to debate whether or not Ski should have stuck up for his co-host.

“WANDA!!! PLEASE STFH!!! You started it. Why are you blaming Frank Ski?”

“All facts tho!!! But he is like the boxing referee. He should’ve stopped the fight!!! Can’t let that go on. She stop defending herself😂😂”

“Ain’t no victims you just lost the battle get over it and move forward.”



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