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Jennifer Williams Unleashes on Shaunie O’Neal, Justifies Skipping ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion

Jennifer Williams failed to show up to the “Basketball Wives” reunion that aired Sunday night, but she used her visit to a nationally syndicated radio show to get her thoughts on the season out on the table.

While addressing the drama that unfolded on BBW, Williams told “The Breakfast Club” that the show’s executive producer and co-star Shaunie O’Neal isn’t as wholesome as she pretends to be.

Regarding O’Neal saying Williams claimed Lozada was a bad mother to her daughter, Shaniece, who Malaysia Pargo said was fast, Williams said being confronted about it in Amsterdam was the first time she heard the rumor.

“Shaunie was trying to say, ‘Oh, Jennifer said this … five years ago’ … I’ve known [Shaniece] since she was 6,” Williams tells the radio show Tuesday, Sept. 18. “I’ve never even seen Shaniece with a credit card, to be honest with you. So, one, that’s something I would never say. Shaunie … starts a lot of bulls— behind the scenes. … If I said this five years ago and this is your girl, why, one, are you just now bringing it up? Two, why were you advocating for us to sit down and have a conversation last season. But now, this season, it’s something totally different.”

When asked if a drop in ratings had something to do with the amped-up ratchet antics, Williams couldn’t give an answer but noted “ratings have been through the roof this season. Which means that’s a extra check for Shaunie O’Neal.”

Williams also addressed a moment on the reunion where Tami Roman asked O’Neal if she ever told the EP about her inability to have children.

“It’s really interesting that Shaunie has selective memory because she couldn’t seem to remember if Tami had said those things … cause she never wants to be in the middle of everything,” Williams dished.

She also said she feels O’Neal used Lozada’s daughter to thwart her.

“I just feel awful that they kinda keep throwing her daughter in it and anyone that knows Evelyn knows that’s a trigger. And I feel like that’s what Shaunie was going for. I don’t know if she was upset about the Shaq rumor but I feel like she was determined to bring me down.”

With all she’s been through this season, Williams ended by noting “I really just wanna move on,” despite being under contract.

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