Evelyn Lozada Bursts Into Tears After Confirming She’s No Longer Friends with Jennifer Williams

After a heated confrontation between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams in the season finale of “Basketball Wives of L.A.,” Lozada said her friendship with Williams is a wrap.

Lozada and Williams rekindled their friendship during season 7 of “BBW” after having a falling-out years ago. However, their renewed relationship came to a halt when Lozada found out from her co-stars that Williams was allegedly talking trash about her eldest daughter. Lozada felt extremely betrayed by her friend’s actions and confirmed that she and Williams are no longer friends.

Evelyn Lozada

(photo credit: Basketball Wives screenshot)

“I really love Jennifer,” Lozada said as she burst into tears. “It’s f***ed up because I didn’t expect everything to happen in Amsterdam, and even if I had one doubt that Malaysia was lying … Shaunie cosigning her talking about my kid really hurt me. … That relationship is done.”

Social media chimed in on Lozada’s difficult decision to end her friendship with Williams and had mixed reactions.

“That’s really sad I’m usually on board with anything Evelyn does but ending her friendship with Jennifer based off of what others said it’s just wack to me,” one person wrote.

“I think she should forgive her and mend their relationship because they both said fowl s#$% about each other, yes when you bring kids in you hit below the belt but Jen had to fight back harder, so i say be friends again,” another fan added.

One Instagram user commented, “This whole Jennifer situation a hot mess. It seems like jen all she did as a “friend” through out the years was talk about Evelyn and her family instead of helping her out as a friend should.”

Lozada and Williams were friends for 14 years until they fell out during season 4 of “BBW.” The two almost came to blows after Williams reportedly spoke to a blog about Lozada’s relationship with former NFL wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. The pair’s friendship imploded after the incident and it seems there’s no repairing their relationship.


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