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Fans Confused Over Tami Roman Saying She’s Giving ‘Rich White Woman Vibes’

Tami Roman meant pure comedy by her Instagram post on Wednesday, but she was swiftly criticized once fans read the caption.

“Giving you my rich white woman who will call dem laws on you for no phucking reason vibe 😂😂😂😂 📸 @zeeshoota,” the “Basketball Wives” star captioned the Sept. 12 post of her sporting a blonde wig and huge sunglasses.

Tami Roman


Several fans found the caption humourous.

“You silly as all outdoors.”

“LMFAO 😂🤣😭”

But despite Roman punctuating the caption with a laughing emoji, some got up in arms over the “white woman” portion of the comment.

“Sooo ain’t no rich black women lookin good like that givin you them vibes?”


“Now if a white woman was to say the same about a black woman…… I wonder how well that would be accepted. 🤔”

“You could’ve stated, ‘Rich Black Woman,’ IJS.”

One person even took up for Roman and told others to basically calm down.

“Omg its just a comment, we as black are talked about daily behind closed doors around wine n cheeses. Its a fact n many places they don’t want us in their area 911 is on speed deal for no reason. Blessings n Growth @tamiroman.”

Roman herself has not responded to the controversy brewing in her comments section. Instead, she’s been focused on her career, recently touting her “comeback” after skipping a cast trip to Amsterdam on “Basketball Wives.”

“God knew there’d be unfair situations, that’s why he already arranged a comeback for every setback… be encouraged and keep living your BLESSED life 💋” she said in a recent Instagram post.

Comments on that upload were a lot more positive than Roman’s comedic one.

“You stay so positive and created your own lane. You are inspiring…. Controlled your temper making that bread. Yesss. Living your best life. 4ever a fan.”

“My beautiful sister continue to strive for greatness you came along way let No one get you off your square blessings.”

“I’m glad u did u walk offset of reunion taping when they was trying to take you out of your character they cant knock that good of you.”

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