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Fans Clown Jennifer Williams as She Shows Up In Amsterdam Promising Receipts Ahead of Table Tossing Incident

Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams has landed in Amsterdam and she comes baring receipts — and her arrival may provide an indication as to why Malaysia Pargo threw a table her way.

The reality star promised she had proof of what started the rumor that Evelyn Lozada slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex.

“I just really can’t believe she got my ass here but people need to understand there’s one person pulling the strings: Tami Roman,” Williams says at the 38:12 mark of Lozada urging her to come to O’Neal’s marijuana research trip. “And every time Tami’s around, she’s always screaming and yelling and overpowering me so this is like an opportunity for me to tell my side of the story.

“I’m ready to pull out my receipts,” she adds. “We got ’em, honey.”

In an earlier episode, Williams maintained she had proof that she wasn’t to blame in spreading the Lozada rumor. But she failed to be able to pull up text messages from the necessary date and Roman went after her.

“I really just want to sit down with Shaunie,” Williams tells Lozada on Sunday night’s episode. “One on one. I don’t want anyone else there. And I definitely wanna talk to Malaysia and clear the air because I don’t know what the hell Tami’s been telling her.”

As part of Roman’s proof, she shared a text thread with O’Neal a while back that included Pargo.

“‘Shaunie never got back to me ladies, we need Malaysia to drop a dime to her about her ex and that witch,’” one of the messages in Roman’s phone read.

Meanwhile, fans watching the episode are decidedly over Williams.

“Please, sweet Jesus, don’t let Jennifer talk about having receipts one more time! She’s starting to irritate me #BasketballWives.”

“Why did they bring back Jennifer Williams? She adds nothing to the show. It’s like she is trying to be relevant.”

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