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Joseline’s Motivational Message Derails As Fans Bring Up Her Past

Joseline Hernandez‘s shared an encouraging Instagram post to her female fan base and it quickly flew out of control after people reminded her of her past.

Hernandez prides herself in being a new mother to her one-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella and the two are almost inseparable. The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star said she’s been raising her daughter alone and without the help of her “babby daddy” Stevie J., who she claimed hasn’t seen their daughter in five months.

Nevertheless, Hernandez took some time out of her day on Monday and gave a shout out to “single mothers” on Instagram. She shared a tweet that read, “Ladies! I just want to tell you… that you are beautiful. You are strong. You are an amazing woman. Single mothers without any help you are loved!!! keep fighting!”

(Joseline Instagram)

Fans of the “Puerto Rican Princess” said they really see a “change” in her and thanked Hernandez for the “inspirational” memo. On the other hand, naysayers dragged the Latin artist for her past “wreckless” behavior.

“Ummm, did everyone just forget how she tried to mess up families and didn’t give a rats ass about anybody’s kids and their feelings? How soon we forget? I’m not feeling this, she’s a snake,” one fan wrote.

“You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, your a disgrace to women by showing young girls how to sell ass to get ahead really teach them to have respect,” said another fan.

“The main one trashing the next female FOH!”

“So you’re trying to uplift women now? You put out there was every other woman could not compare to you!! Have several seats no body no face can replace integrity and you have none!”

One fan added, “Today you’re motivating women but tomorrow you’ll be back to throwing shade and putting women down.”

Hernandez is currently prepping for her We TV reality show “Joseline Takes Miami.” The show will focus on her being a single mother.

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