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Quad Webb-Lunceford Sets the ‘Record Straight’ About Her Failed Marriage, It Has Nothing to Do with Not Having Kids

Quad Webb-Lunceford has a bone to pick with her estranged husband Dr. Greg Lunceford and a couple of trolls who think they know the ins and outs of her marriage.

On “Sister Circle Live”, the “Married to Medicine” star aired out her issues with her spouse, whom she filed to divorce in May, the host held nothing back when she took aim at Dr. G.

“Disrespectful as he wants to be and still very disrespectful,” she says before commanding him to sign the divorce papers. “If you want to live single, you got to do the work to be single. … You’re living single with your trips and everything but if you want to be single, do the paperwork so you can be single. Mines is in. Let’s go.”

Fans chimed in with remarks backing her up on the matter.

“Good for her!!!”

“@absolutelyquad Now let the church day Amen.”

“@absolutelyquad yes Quad!”

But some weren’t quite so supportive.

“I’m ready for him to sign them too!!! Tired of her making reference to this situation on Sister Circle.

“She’s so dramatic smh she never wanted that man. And did she say she saw him dancing in the car? 🤔”

“@summerfine305 I agree. Last season when he ‘I been taking care of you since the day I met you’ she was looking for that kind of man. That man just wanted a baby and she had no intention of giving it too him!

The last two replies led to an epic clapback that has to be read to be believed.

“@talib4sho @summerfine305 So sorry you think you know my life better than I do by watching snippets on a reality TV show. Now, with that said let me set the record straight. My husband and I having a baby was not an ongoing conversation in our home. In fact, we rarely talked about it. I have heard so many awful things like Quad is sterile and can’t have children. Well who went to the doctor for me because I never got that report. I’ve heard people say I never wanted children that’s so far from the truth. I’ve heard people say I never loved my husband. How so??? We were together for close to 10 years and married 6. In the opening of the M2M 601 you heard him say with his own mouth that I’ve stood by him through it all. So I guess you have selective hearing. Now, let’s get on this gold digging come up mess. I have always had my own career so why would I STOP being career driven because I married a physician. Had I had a baby immediately than the narrative would have been ‘she’s securing the bag.’ Had I been a housewife than I would have been a ‘kept’ women. It’s a shame how society has brainwashed us. #smh Oh Yes and @summerfine305 You said I’m dramatic. No, I’m just hurt and plain fed up! 💅”

quad webb-lunceford

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