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Mary J. Blige Finally Speaks Out on Rumors of Dust Up with Faith Evans

Singer Mary J. Blige recently denied the fighting rumors floating around about she and Faith Evans and said they were completely false.

Social media was on fire Saturday evening after hearsay spread about Blige and Evans exchanging blows with one another at Diddy’s alleged party in the Hamptons. However, the “No More Drama” singer said the incident was complete gossip.

“Of course that was made up. I was shooting a movie in Louisiana . . . I just got here today,” Blige told Page Six in an interview.

The Executive Vice President of Communications for Combs confirmed that the story was “completely fabricated” and a representative of Evans said, “I have no idea how this rumor started. Puffy didn’t even have a party.” The rumor followed shortly after Cardi B’s physical altercation with Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week on Friday evening.

Blige recently launched her “Sister Love” jewelry line in collaboration with Simone Smith. The pair premiered the collection at the “Essence Festival” in July.

In a press release Blige stated, “We are working together with this collaboration to celebrate our friendship and successes and empower others from our strength of supporting each other.” She added, “As women working together, it’s important to be able to adjust each other’s crowns, instead of tearing each other down.”

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