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Fans Concerned About Wendy Williams After She Confesses She’s Exhausted

Wendy Williams fans are concerned for her after the talk show host shared how tired she is in a video gearing up for the final stop on her 10-city tour.

In a clip posted by “The Wendy Williams Show” official Instagram account, Williams explained how she had broken through her tiredness to speak to a crowd at New York’s PlayStation Theater on Thursday, Sept. 6.

“Look, I’m so tired,” she said. “But I’ve broken through the wall. Do you know there’s a wall when you’re so tired that you have to sleep but you can’t because you’re still working and then you break through the other side? That’s me right now.”

Williams had been making the rounds in the city to promote the tenth season of her show, which premieres Monday, Sept. 10. She stopped by “Good Day New York” and had an interview with The New York Times.

But fans are hoping the star can go get some much-needed shut-eye before long.

“Dude.Get some sleep. What the f*ck people around her? She just passed out on live Tv. Could yall not have her out here like this?! Signed ALL THE FANS.”

“Hey Wendy go get some rest.”

“Get some rest Wendy please,😩 thank you.”

The cause for concern is understandable after Williams had an on-air health scare last season. During the show’s Halloween special, she fainted in front of her live studio audience due to heat exhaustion. In February, the host had another health issue that caused her to take her first ever hiatus to take care of herself.

“It’s not the flu yet, but I feel flu-ish,” she explained in an Instagram video at the time. “It’s not a five on a scale from one to five. It’s not even a four. I do go to the doctor today to find out exactly what it is. But I feel awful. I had to be talked out of not going to work today and taking off a few days to get myself together.”

Williams, who later revealed she’d been diagnosed with Graves’ disease, took off from her show for three weeks per doctor’s orders, and re-runs ran until guest host Jerry O’Connell filled in for her.

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