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Fans Clown ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Charmaine Walker for Black Eye and Trying to Make Boss Moves

“Black Ink Chicago” reality star Charmaine Walker has been the center of drama and is becoming one of viewer’s least favorite person on the show.

The radio personality and her co-worker Lily have been going head-to-head this season and the two finally duked it out last episode. The tattoo artist was mad that Walker hired her cousin Danielle Jameson as the office manager of their new tattoo shop “Loyal Ink”.

Lily and Walker engulfed into a heated argument at one of the cast-mates’ birthday party and left the radio host mildly injured. The crew gathered for a meeting to speak about the incident and fans quickly noticed Walker’s Black eye the moment she took off her shades. Social media users instantly began roasting the reality star on Twitter and Instagram.

One person wrote, “Dddaaammnn put your glasses back on!”

“When Charmaine took off her glasses and exposed that Black eye I cried real tears 😂,” another fan added.

“Danielle & Charmaine don’t tattoo so they serve no purpose. Danielle definitely kept it cute bc she didn’t want any more smoke from Lily’s crazy ass lmao. The Black eye has me weak 😂.”

“I’m happy to see Charmaine with a Black eye 😂.”

“Charmaine went straight white women and bought that LLC. LMFAO Got a Black eye and got all in her feelings,” one viewer wrote.

Walker pulled a fast one on her co-workers a few days later and bought the LLC for the tattoo shop.

“The shop ain’t been making money; it’s been closed down,” the radio personality said before showing it to her crew members. “This whole Equal Opportunity bulls–t, it ain’t working so I decided to take things into my own hands and I set up an LLC which means in essence, I’m in charge, meaning I’m running this.”

The reality star declared herself as the owner and legally fired Lily from “Loyal Ink”. However, the two women are seen brawling again on Wednesday’s new episode next week.

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