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Porsha Williams Fans Blame Apparent Weight Gain on Pregnancy

Porsha Williams is back on Instagram with another weight loss supplement advertisement featuring her sister Lauren Williams, and fans believe the peach holder’s alleged pregnancy is to blame for an apparent weight gain.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star posted an update about her sister’s weight loss while sucking down shots of Boom Bod, and fans once again noticed that Porsha isn’t the one taking part in the challenge.

“We’re back on that @boombod grind, ladies! Lauren really wants to get that last bit of baby weight off so she’s doing the 7 Day Challenge one more time,” Williams explained in the caption. “The drinks will help her feel less bloated and keep her away from those Krispy Kremes…for now. Stay tuned for our updates, I’ll be with her the whole way. @boombod #ad.”

Fans wondered about the Go Naked hair care founder’s sister’s supposed struggle to shed the baby weight, since her belly appears enviously flat.

“What baby weight she looks amazing.”

“What baby weight?? She looks perfect!! No adjustments needed. @porsha4real @lodwill.”

“Baby weight?? She looks fine. What’s wrong with society?”

“Where is she bloated now I can show you bloated she looks great to me. I need some boom bod😂”

They also resumed speculation that Porsha is expecting.

“I watched this a few times and I’m convinced I can see that she’s not so fit and toned… That baggy shirt looks like it’s trying to hide a bump… Lol.. *shrugs*”

“Porsha whats in the belly sis.”

“For a second I thought Porsha is preggo…ok I’m lying!! I still think she is 😬.”

“Are you pregnant @porsha4real? 😍.”

“She is clearly pregnant.”

The latter chatter echoes the same talk that came up when Porsha first touted Lauren’s participation in the seven-day challenge. During that video, Porsha kept the supplement box conspicuously in front of her midriff.

“Tryna hide that belly lol.”

“U pregnant 🤰 @porsha4real congratulations.”

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