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Kanye West Is Absolutely Positive He’ll Win 2024 Presidential Election

Kanye West is once again making his intentions of running for the highest office in America known.

The rapper stopped by Power 92 in Chicago last week for an hour-long interview, and one of the topics that arose was the Chi-Town native’s desire to run for president, although it won’t be in 2020 like he previously said at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

“If I decide to do it, it will be done, I’m not going to try,” West tells DJ Pharris, Thursday, Aug. 30 “Yes, 100 percent it could happen … 2024.”

West noted the name of his political party — the Birthday Party — and also explained what he’d plan to fix in the system.

“I just thought about one of my main things once I’m president — is the medical industry. I’m gonna make sure that the medical industry flourishes,” he says. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from JAY-Z and being married to my wife is you can’t f— up the paper. That’s the problem with a lot of the radical leaders of the past — Malcolm or Ghandi or Martin — they’re going and they’re so righteous and they’re liberal and they f—ing up the paper. If you’re f—ing up the paper, your head’s gonna get knocked off, period.

“When I become president, I’m not going to go in and f— up the paper, because I’ll tell you what, Trump ain’t f—ing up the paper,” he adds. “Those jobs are up. Now, I’m sure I don’t know all the policies. I don’t agree with everything that any other man does, period. And I’m not particularly left or right.”

West previously waded into some controversial waters when it came to politics. Earlier this year, the rapper was caught in a “Make America Great Again” hat and openly touted his support for President Donald Trump on Twitter.

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