‘Get the F—k Outta Here’: Jay-Z Fan Catches a Death Stare from Cam Newton After Mistaking NFL Star for the Music Mogul

Cam Newton was seemingly a victim of mistaken identity recently. He did not take it lightly when someone seemingly mistook him for Jay-Z.

On the Fourth of July, controversial NFL news aggregator Dov Kleiman shared a video of a fan who was under the impression that he was greeting the Roc Nation CEO and music mogul.

“Jay-Z bro… Jay-Z bro… Jay-Z,” the fan can be heard saying as he walked up to Newton and his entourage.

Fan mistakes Cam Newton (left) for Jay-Z (right). Was he trolling or serious? (Photos: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Gunnar Word/Getty Images)

But, Newton did not take kindly to the mix and quickly voiced his displeasure to the fan.

“Stop playing with me,” he responded.

The “Funky Friday Podcast” host gave the man what appears to be a death stare, before he appeared to tell the man to “get the f–k outta here” as walked away.

Some fans argued that the man in the viral video did not make an honest mistake, and instead was simply trolling the former NFL MVP.

“He didn’t mistake him for Jay Z, he was just trolling Cam Newton. Those are the types of videos he makes where he jokingly “mistakes” celebs for other celebs,” one person wrote on X.

Another fan agreed saying, “I’m pretty sure he was trolling.”

“Cam is 6’5” 240lbs…Jay-Z is not…” someone noted. Jay-Z is reportedly 6 feet 2 and weighs less than 190 pounds.

Others pointed out that Newton might not have been fond of the man getting so close to him once he approached him.

“I think he’s not happy with the camera inches from his face, that would piss anybody off,” the social media user wrote.

Jay-Z is one of the most high-profile figures in music, which makes the fan’s rationale more difficult to understand.

Meanwhile, Newton was one of the most popular and recognizable athletes during his time in the NFL. His larger-than-life personality and unique personal style raised his profile even off the football field. He last played in the NFL in 2021. Since he stepped away from the game he has remained active in the Atlanta community and has become a media star. His podcast routinely draws millions of views.

He also owns a popular cigar lounge in Atlanta, where he routinely films “Funky Friday Podcast” episodes. Newton and actress and social media personality Jasmin Brown, who goes by the moniker “Watch Jazzy,” welcomed their first child, his eighth, in March. Prior to his child with Brown, Newton was the father to seven children, five biological children and two stepchildren, from two previous relationships.

He made headlines in February when he got in a scuffle with a group of men during his youth football camp in Atlanta. In the viral video, Newton was seen wearing one of his signature custom hats at the top of a staircase as chaos ensued.

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