Toya Bush-Harris Says It Was Hard to Get Quad Webb-Lunceford to Tape ‘Married to Medicine’ Following Cheating Rumor

Toya Bush-Harris has dropped behind the scenes details on the first episode of ‘Married to Medicine’ season 6. Bush-Harris dished on what it was like to have Quad Webb-Lunceford film as she navigated rumors that her husband, Greg Lunceford was cheating on her.

Asked about how maintaining a marriage in front of the glaring lights of reality TV, Bush-Harris is candid in her response.

“I think definitely it can play a role because it’s very stressful,” she tells Atlanta Black Star exclusively. “When it comes to filming — we film the show about five months out of the year — so we film a lot of evenings and weekends. And it takes away from that time that you’re supposed to be at home nurturing your home life … It takes you away from your wifely duties.”

It was during filming for the new season, which premiered Sunday, Sept. 2, that Webb-Lunceford was dealing with some struggles in her own marriage. While Bush-Harris maintained filming had brought her closer together with her spouse, the opposite seemed to be true for Miss Quad.

Viewers got a glimpse into how the M2M cast learned of rumors that Lunceford had been unfaithful to his wife. Various members of the cast read a blog post where his alleged mistress rattled off claims that the two engaged in oral sex.

“It’s very lonely,” Webb-Lunceford admits during the episode after saying she sleeps in the guest room and doesn’t speak much to her doctor husband. “Work has been, really, a refuge for me.”

During the episode, it looked as if the women did not reach out to lend a helping hand to Miss Quad, as she seemingly navigated her feelings alone. But Bush-Harris says that’s all due to editing.

“They didn’t really show us calling her saying, ‘Hey.’ There’s no love from us in that first episode and I hate that,” she says. “Because, even if we did, it wasn’t edited that way.

“She was very stand-offish too. It was hard to get her to come to anything,” Bush-Harris adds. “We probably had, maybe three functions before she showed up.”

The details of Webb-Lunceford’s nasty split has been spilled out online for the last several months, including allegations from Dr. G that Miss Quad took furniture from their home without his permission. Webb-Lunceford admitted to removing the items but maintained it didn’t violate the standing order to do so.

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