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Tamar Braxton to Appear on ‘Steve’ with a New Look Amid ‘Braxton Family Values’ Drama

Singer Tamar Braxton sported a new look on Steve Harvey‘s talk show and it had fans in stitches.

The “Steve” show will premiere on Tuesday for a new season and Braxton happens to be a special guest on an upcoming episode. During her guest appearance, the “All the Way Home” singer donned a fake blue mustache to pay homage to Harvey’s infamous whiskers.

The daytime show host shared a photo of Braxton on Instagram and wrote, “My new season starts Tuesday and I’ve got a whole new look. So do @tamarbraxton #STEVESBACK #SteveTVShow.”

Tamar Braxton

(photo credit: Steve Show Instagram)

Fans cracked up at the image and said they couldn’t wait to see “Tamar” on Harvey’s new show.

“Love Tamar! Outspoken & hilarious 💜,” one person wrote.

“Yes can’t wait,” another added.

Braxton’s guest appearance on “Steve” follows after her huge blow-up with her sister Traci Braxton with the taping of “Braxton Family Values.” Tamar and three other Braxton sisters absolutely refused to keep filming over a pay dispute, but Traci showed up on set.

Tamar was furious at Traci for not quitting the show with the rest of the family and allegedly told her sister Traci you’re “dead” to me.

Fans have had quite mixed reactions to the “Braxton Family Values” drama and had a lot to say about Tamar and her sisters’ disagreement.

“Tamar get your head out of the pity bucket and make up with your sister. You will regret it sister,” one fan wrote.

“You guys wanted to do the show to elevate your careers, but from many perspectives, you’ve lost yourselves. Cooler heads couldn’t prevail for lil Kevin’s dedication service,” another said.

“If Tamar doesn’t wanna be on the show she doesn’t have too but what really needs too happen is they need too all talk.”

“I really hope ya’ll sisters make up… trust me it’s not worth it at all to be mad.”


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