Steve Harvey Takes Advice From Fans and Changes His Look

Steve Harvey is rocking his new look after fans told him to switch up the “mustache.”

The television host is in the midst of gearing up for his second season of “Steve” and decided to join the “beard gang.” Harvey decided to revamp his jet Black mustache and let the salt and pepper beard grow in.

Harvey told ET, “Every now and then I reinvent myself. … I grew a beard out, but last year it wasn’t enough grey in the mustache yet, but this year when I didn’t color it, it was a lot more grey. So I’m flipping the script and I’m a see how the beard game go.”

Steve Harvey

(photo credit: E TV screenshot)

The comedian initially showcased his salt and pepper beard while he was doing a radio show in Paris, France. He wrote on Instagram, “Coming back home soon and I will be taking votes on keeping the beard or not.”

Fans weighed in under Harvey’s comment section and voted for him to “keep the beard.”

“Love that Beard, & I know that Marjorie does You Look So ready For A Under Cover Movie, Detective, and President over a Very Prominent Firm. Keep the Beard,” one fan wrote.

“Before I even saw the question about keeping beard, I was going to say that beard looks good on you. Definitely keep it. Lovin this beard on u and u rock the grey sooo Well,” another added.

“I’m feeling the beard!! Good look on u, keep it! Filed under Zaddy.”

“I vote keep the beard!!! Distinguished gentleman vibes. Isssa look!! Please keep it!!! We like!”

One fan voted, “That beard though…WOW!!! Nice suave – on and popping – look for you makes you look sophisticated… KEEP IT!!!! #maturityatitsbest.”

The second season of “Steve” will air September 4 on NBC Universal for a second season. Harvey said viewers can expect to see more of “regular people with human interest stories.”

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