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Traci Braxton Says ‘I Can’t Do Business with My Family Right Now,’ Forges Ahead with Phaedra ‘Braxton’

Traci Braxton is revealing what led her to decide that she needed to step back from doing business with her sisters.

The singer has been the center of conflict among siblings Towanda BraxtonToni BraxtonTrina Braxton, and Tamar Braxton as they and their mother, Evelyn Braxtondidn’t show up on the set of Braxton Family Values” to shoot in June. As such, Traci, who was the only Braxton to arrive on set, decided to round up some celebrity pals to tape some adventures with. They include Phaedra ParksKym WhitleyTiffany “New York” Pollard and Flavor Flav.

The issue has led to lots of drama among her family, and now Traci is explaining what led her to decide to strike out on her own.

“Before, I was with my sisters 24/7, just was gone with them and not attending to my home,” she said on the August 23 edition of “BUILD Series.” “And then, I had to realize, ‘OK, well, I have a son and a husband. Who wanna leave they husband home all day long? Not I, said the duck,'” Braxton said, answering her own question. “That’s when the creepy creeps come in.

“So I just had to say, ‘OK, I cannot do business with my family right now. That has to take a back seat.’ My relationship with my sisters is more important to me than business,” she adds.

Still, she hopes her sisters can reunite after all is said and done.

“My dream … is the sisters getting back together and they can work together and have business plans with each other,” Traci shared. “Because right now we can’t do anything right now. We’re too separate. We’re divided right now. And I’m not talking about divided of family. I’m talking about divided of business.”

Fans have been chiming in on Traci’s viewpoint.

“I completely respect that.”

“I don’t blame Traci for looking out for herself especially when her sisters took her off the tour schedule.”

“I’ve always loved Traci ❤️ they treat her wrong.”

“She’s speaking so much sense. Mature.”

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