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Tami Roman Unbothered by Haters, Shows Off Her New Car 

Tami Roman showcased her new vehicle on Instagram Thursday evening and the star couldn’t have been more thankful.

Roman has been dealing with social media trolls lately who continue to bash the “Basketball Wives of L.A.” star on her appearance, but she’s clearly unbothered by naysayers. The mother of two took to her Instagram Live story and shared a picture of her brand new Mercedes AMG. The vehicle is a sedan with a sleek burgundy hue and tinted windows.

The luxury car seemingly was a gift to herself. She wrote on the image, “AMG for the OG EP. … Thank you Jesus for it all come from you!”

Tami Roman

(photo credit: Tami’s Instagram)

The VH1 reality star has been the victim of cyber-bullying from social media users who continue to make fun of her substantial weight loss. Fans called her a “crackhead” and said she looked “sickly.” However, Roman addressed critics and said her diabetes diagnosis was the cause of her drastic weight loss.

“I didn’t lose weight, I lost my willingness to die. DIABETES IS NO JOKE! I Detox, suppress my appetite and make better food choices. So enjoy yourself laughing, leaving negative comments & calling me a “crackhead”…but I have two beautiful daughters and I’m gon’ live for them by ANY means necessary. 💯 #BeBlessed,” the reality star said in June.

Although there were a number of people who hurled ongoing insults at Roman about her current slender frame, there were also a gang of uplifting comments from fans who sent positive vibes her way.

“Tami I love you so much and whatever you going thru god loves u in we love u on you a fighter ❤️👑You a queen in you can get thru anything 👮🏽‍♀️ don’t ever let people weaken you ‼️because people gonna peak but the laughter in lord love gonna lead you thru 🗣 #inspirationtome,” one fan said.

“You look so good and centered lately. Look like you are living best life. Keep it up stay healthy,” another added.

“Let them say what they want.. What parent wants to leave there kids behind #motivation I love you Tami. And you look amazing love.”

“You look absolutely stunning! Haterz gonna hate, those who mind don’t matter & those who matter don’t mind.”

One fan commented, “I have diabetes too girl, it’s Life changing! Keep making the necessary changes, no better way to show them haters than by adding extra tears to your Life the NATURAL way💪🏾🤗❤️.”

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