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‘Married to Medicine’ Star Miss Quad Sobs While Talking About Her Dad Amid Messy Divorce

Married to Medicine” reality star Quad Webb-Lunceford was overwhelmed with tears after discussing the special bond she had with her father.

During a Thursday segment on “Sister Circle TV,” the panel discussed the importance of having a strong father figure in a child’s life. Webb-Lunceford began reminiscing about her relationship with her dad and was instantly flooded with emotions.

“Your father is the first man as a young lady you ever come to know,” Webb-Lunceford said before taking a long pause.

married to medicine“All that I am is because of my father, and he had given so much to me, took so much time out with me. … It use to seem like lectures, but I hear them,” she continued.

The reality star began weeping and expressed that she misses her father dearly.

“I was doing my photo shoot for my cookbook the other day, and I was like, I wish he was there,” she said.

“Sister Circle” thanked Webb-Lunceford for being so candid about her and her father’s unique bond and wrote on social media, “Quad had a one of a kind relationship with her Father, thank you Miss Quad for daring to be vulnerable. He sees it. He sees you. šŸ’œĀ #daddysgirlforever.”

Fans chimed in and thanked Webb-Lunceford for her authenticity.

“This is so touching & beautiful I totally understand what you are expressing and I feel your love and sentiment,” one viewer wrote.

“This kind of emotional affect is what every Dad should strive to accomplish. It takes a tremendous amount of love and selflessness with a whole lot of being there,” another person expressed.

One fan commented, “I love seeing how full Quad is about speaking of her dad.Ā Thank you for sharing, so touching!”

Webb-Lunceford is currently in the middle of a nasty divorce with her estranged husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford. Quad decided to call it quits from her husband due to his infidelity.Ā

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