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Traci Braxton Reveals Why She Was So Hurt By Sisters Leaving ‘Braxton Family Values’

Traci Braxton is opening up about how she felt when her sisters and mother decided to stop filming their reality TV series “Braxton Family Values.” According to the star, she says the family walkout took her back to when her siblings signed a record deal to become a quartet and left her behind.

“Me not being there with my sisters and always turning around and my sisters are there and then, they’re not there anymore. Braxton told “Glam Mir” in a sitdown with her new BFV co-star Phaedra Parks. “And it’s like, wow. It’s almost like a surreal thing.”

Earlier this summer reports emerged that Tamar, ToniTowandaTrina and even their mom Evelyn Braxton failed to show up on set over issues with pay. Only Traci came to set and although filming has reportedly resumed now, Tamar has confirmed she is no longer on the show.

“22 years ago, my sisters signed [a record deal] and left me,” Traci explained further. “So it brings all of that back and it’s like, ‘Oh my God, I’m back on my own.”

Traci said that when her sisters became The Braxtons, it made her feel “out of the way … it doesn’t even matter anymore. They went on with their lives and it’s like oh my God, I don’t have my sisters anymore, I don’t have my limb anymore. How am I supposed to write and I’m great at it? It’s upsetting.”

In response, several fans have weighed urging Traci to leave the past behind.

“She still holding on to all of that smh that was how long ago she need to let that hurt go. It’s not like she was left out on purpose she was pregnant smh.”

“@therealtracibraxton you bogus. Your family built that for all of you to shine. That was a weak move. Not cool to do period. Get over the past.”

“It’s been over 20 years and she’s still holding on to this.”

“I’m sorry but money is not everything smh and she needs to let that old s— go smh.”

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