Lil Scrappy Sends a Strong Message of Rebuke to Fair-Weather Friends

Rapper Lil Scrappy shared a stern message with fans on Tuesday, and many of his Instagram followers could relate.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star was in a severe car accident on June 4, and he’s expressed how it was a turning point in his life. In Lil Scrappy’s new song “They Don’t Love You”, he raps about so-called “friends” leaving him during a low point in his life. He adds, “I was in the struggle and ain’t nobody care.”

Lil Scrappy

(photo credit: Lil Scrappy Instagram)

Lil Scrappy is seemingly sending another message to the people who weren’t “there” for him during his recent hardships. The rapper took to Instagram and posted a message that read, “Never s**t on a person who made sure you was straight even when they was struggling.”

Fans chimed in underneath Lil Scrappy’s comment section and told him to keep his head up.

“So True I know two people just like this… How quickly they do forget but it’s a lesson learned,” one person said.

“I needed to hear that scrappy.. Sometimes we take what we love the most for granted,” an Instagram follower commented.

“They come back super humble every time..trying to use your again!”

“People don’t matter who they are! Are only with you when u doing good like them. When you fall off they do too. Look at Benzino j/s Don’t see him with anyone anymore. Unless it was his choice. But Scrappy you find out who your friends are when u struggling or when u go to jail. Facts!”

“Say it again…I don’t think the people in the back heard.”

One fan expressed, “People don’t even understand some times, that’s why I don’t care about others anymore.only certain few.”

Lil Scrappy and a friend were hospitalized for weeks after the car accident in Miami. The rapper recently announced after his visit with doctors that he’ll be able to walk again.

He wrote, “Just left the Doc and they gave me the good news I can walk a lil #blessed🙏🏾 #BetterDays.”

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