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Lil Scrappy In Pain After Falling Out of Wheelchair Following Car Accident

Nearly a month after his brutal car accident, Lil Scrappy continues down the road of recovery, but it’s not exactly smooth sailing.

The rapper on Sunday, July 1 posted an update explaining he fell out of his wheelchair, which he uses while his broken leg heals.

“Man I just fell again but this time out of the wheelchair,” he said on Instagram. “It felt like somebody tilted it over but no one was there so I’m like, ‘Wait a min.’ Frfr I start going crazy. It [sic] was definitely in pain. I had to pray first cause that was weird, then I had to breathe off the pain lol, had to put that ice on it, cool that thing down. Thank God I can move a lot more and do things cause I would of [sic] been totally messed up. It scared me lol.

He added that he feels “a whole different way about handicap people now” and vows not to  “park in there [sic] spot no more and imma help Who I can fr.”

The “Love and Hip Hop” star was hospitalized following a major car accident in the early hours of Sunday, June 3, TMZ reported. While who was driving is disputed — officers who responded to the Miami collision say Scrappy was driving while the rapper believed his friend dozed off behind the wheel — the car collided with a pole as the duo left the King of Diamonds strip club.

It was totaled and Scrappy was discovered nearly unconscious outside of the car. His friend Ca$ino Roulette was also outside of the vehicle. Neither one could coherently recall what happened.

Yet even though Scrappy was left with a broken foot that required surgery, it was Roulette who was in the ICU.

Meanwhile, fans have been sharing supportive messages as the LHH star continues to recover.

“You need to chill, lol. I know you want to move around, don’t make it worst [sic]. Blessings to you.”

“Now that’s a real GRATEFUL MOMENT @reallilscrappy ☝🏾🙏🏾.”

“Get well soon, Be careful, God bless you and your beautiful wife and family.”

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