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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood Still Together After She Calls Off Engagement

A failed engagement can’t keep Reggie Youngblood from wanting to be with Tami Roman.

As the couple’s back and forth about getting married played out over the last few episodes of “Basketball Wives” this season, Roman previously made it clear she wasn’t interested in getting married. She also opened up about feeling as if Youngblood would resent her for not being able to have kids.

But while sitting down and telling Youngblood that she ultimately doesn’t want to walk down the aisle on the Aug. 26 episode, the reality TV star grabbled with the chance that her man wouldn’t stick around.

“I’m coming to grips with ‘do I wanna throw away this beautiful relationship with this woman that I’ve grown to love so much?'” Youngblood says on Sunday night’s episode. “I think we’ll be OK. I just can’t leave you and end it. If it gotta stay the same way we are now I don’t really like that. But I love you. The pros just outweigh the cons to me.”

Tami Roman

Credit: VH1 Screenshot

Still, Youngblood expressed hope that things would change in the future, despite Roman telling her daughters that she felt everything changed when she married their dad.

“I’m just hoping,” he says. “But if it doesn’t, Imma have to be OK with it.”

Fans who watched the scene had different feelings on whether or not Roman made the right call.

“@TamiRoman now Tami u my girl, I understand where u coming from but u gotta marry him. I’m older than my husband, had a miscarriage a while back not even sure if I can get pregnant again. My husband felt the same way Reggie do, no matter what kids or not. He love you!!!”

“I married a man 19 years my junior and had a baby at 41. Boy did things change and not for the better. I wish them the best. It was the right decision.”

“Not happy at all. Tami is going to ruin that relationship.”


But despite all that, the couple still seems to be going strong. The day the episode aired, Roman stepped out for a date night with her man.

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