Ahead of Malaysia Pargo’s and Jennifer Williams’ Fight Shaunie O’Neal Blames Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada dropped a bomb about Jennifer Williams on Shaunie O’Neal during their trip to Amsterdam, and O’Neal was understandably unenthused.

During Sunday night’s “Basketball Wives” episode, Lozada admitted to O’Neal that she invited Williams overseas, despite O’Neal explicitly not inviting her to the city. The BBW executive producer wanted to avoid drama surrounding Williams’ and Tami Roman’s squabble over who brought the rumor that Lozada slept with one of her exes to light.

“I feel like you guys need to have a conversation without Tami there,” Lozada explains. “Just you and her. Same thing for Malaysia [Pargo], just them two. And if you guys leave here feeling the same way, then fine. I’m out of it.”

O’Neal questioned why Williams was flying all the way to Amsterdam to have a talk that she wasn’t willing to have in Los Angeles and still doesn’t want to have in the Netherlands.

“I could give a s— what Jennifer wants to do,” O’Neal explains. “Like, you have really affected my life — even if it’s for a moment — over some bulls—. I don’t have anything to talk to her about. But if her ass wants to travel all the way to Amsterdam to get told, ‘I don’t have s— to say to you,’ so be it.

“You set your friend up,” she adds.

The remark comes before the epic showdown VH1 previously teased where Pargo ends up throwing a table at Williams when she shows up.

During the current episode, O’Neal tweeted that she wasn’t pleased about Lozada inviting Williams.

“I was a little frustrated with Evelyn inviting Jennifer. #basketballwives.”

Fans, however, didn’t necessarily have the most sympathy for her.

“But was you as frustrated when Evelyn mad that racial comment towards CeCe like you was when Tami made that comment towards Evelyn 🤔.”

“Yeah, but if someone made a racist remark to @EvelynLozada it would have been a 2 part episode followed by a fundraiser on racism and bullies co-signed by you, @ShaunieONeal.”

“But, You was BIG MAD when Malaysia did the same thing Last Season. 😂 STOP IT.”

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