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‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Irate Over VH1 Not Showing Epic Fight Between Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams

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After the latest episode of “Basketball Wives” failed to deliver on showing the stunning fight between Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams, fans of the VH1 reality series aired out their feelings on Twitter.

During a midseason trailer that aired last week, Williams showed up uninvited to a group trip in Amsterdam, which was driven by Shaunie O’Neal as part of some research for her cannabis business. When Pargo arrived, she took aim at Williams — literally and figuratively — for throwing Roman under the bus with the rumor about Evelyn Lozada sleeping with O’Neal’s ex.

“You a f—ing hater, b—-,” Pargo exclaimed before picking up a restaurant table outdoors and tossing it in Williams’ direction.

However, some fans failed to realize that the promo teased all that was going to occur in the second half of season 7, instead believing the fight would happen in the very next episode. “Basketball Wives” can have up to 15 regular episodes in a season excluding the season finale and reunion special. It’s currently on episode 9.

As such, fans were not pleased about what aired instead, which was a show primarily about Jackie Christie’s acting debut and Tami Roman expressing regret to boyfriend Reggie Youngblood about the Lozada drama.

“Umm… I watched #basketballwives to see tables be thrown at Jen. Wtf happened???”

“So am I the only one that was expecting the scene with Malaysia throwing the table at Jenn’s head this episode or nah? Y’all tryna play me? Y’all thought I forgot 🙄#BasketballWives.”

“I just wanna see Malaysia throw the table at Jen #BasketballWives.”

“Waymin … What happened to Malaysia throwing the table? #BasketballWives.”

“Can we skip to the part where Jenny get the table thrown at her? 🤣 #BasketballWives .”

“Soooooo when is Malaysia gonna throw this table in Amsterdam? #BasketballWives.”

When the teaser dropped and went viral last week, Pargo soaked up all the attention from many fans applauding her for not backing down and going back to her old ways. But even though one warned her that stooping to that level was unnecessary, Pargo asserted she “will always defend myself.”

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