‘Braxton Family Values’ Starts Filming Again Amid Questions About Tamar Braxton’s Involvement

WEtv’s “Braxton Family Values” is back in production over a month after the famous stars refused to continue shooting over a payment dispute.

Tamar, ToniTowandaTrina and mom Evelyn Braxton were reported to have all ditched shooting in June, with sources claiming to TMZ that only Traci Braxton, showed up to the Atlanta set. As such, crews working on the musical family’s show shut things down.

Braxton Family Values


But now, it appears the family has apparently come to some kind of agreement as fan Instagram account Tamar Chronicles said filming for the second half of the sixth season has resumed.

Still, it said it isn’t known if the women have successfully renegotiated their contracts with production company Magical Elves. Their initial issue was that they were not being paid as much as they felt they deserved.

This news comes less a week after a first-look promo for the next half of the season dropped on WEtv’s YouTube page. It focused on the sisters helping Toni prepare for her marriage to Birdman while hinting at some mysterious news involving the family.

But fans took notice of the fact that Tamar was nowhere to be seen in the new footage from this season.

“But I’m gonna need Tamar to be there too!! 😠”

“[Tamar] is not in any of the previews.”

“I think it’s safe to say she’s not going to be a part of this season at all.”

Recently, fans who have heard that BFV is back to filming are looking forward to what’s to come when the second half airs Thursday, Aug. 16 at 9 p.m.

“Looking forward to the DRAMA! I love Ms. Evelyn because she don’t play. She’s a Real Black Momma lol. She’s not here for TV.”

“Yes gawd but the show is kinda boring without Tamar.”

“All they do is argue with each other 😔 I just want them to get along all the time, no matter what. 😢”

Others have continued to speculate about Tamar’s involvement.

“Will Tamar be in the new season??”

“Tamar’s not going to be on it and the rest of the ladies have clearly moved on its just time to let go they can’t heal while the cameras are rolling.”

“Is Tamar coming back too?”

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