Jennifer Williams Faces More Criticism Over ‘Basketball Wives’ Antics

Jennifer Williams’ carefree Instagram post hit a sour note with those in her comments section.

The “Basketball Wives” star on Friday posted a smiling photo in an off the shoulder black blouse and ruched pants from her online boutique Classy Girl Wardrobe and a Louis Vuitton clutch.

“Let whoever think whatever, just keep getting better… 💋” the reality star wrote in the caption.

Jennifer Williams

Many fans praised Williams and her looks.

“Super cute, you’re always elegant 💕.”

“I’m in love wit ya new attitude… it matches your pretty face.”

“Looking great Jennifer keep your head up!! I just have to say [Tami] was wrong as hell to bring that mess up one year later now a real friend would have let that go over their head and never repeated that shit YEAR UEAR LATER) B— MESSY).”

But others trashed her for her remarks about Tami Roman’s former food stamp usage and her involvement in stirring more drama surrounding a rumor that Evelyn Lozada slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex. One even took aim at her over her ongoing legal battle with her ex-boyfriend Tim Norman of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” which saw the pair try and fail to secure permanent restraining orders against one another.

“Girl stop !!! Saying people acting like they on food stamps is very ignorant!! #youarenotnice!!!”


“Messy, gold digging, ignorant, no education, you bring the showdown, you’ll never find a good man because you are mean and fake.”

“I see why she can’t keep a man. Definitely something in between those pointy ears of her’s.”

Even still, there were some fans on tap to defend Williams from the negativity.

“Why haters follow ppl they hate is beyond me. B— get a life. Jennifer looks unbothered. Keep glowing Sis. @jenniferwilliams.”

“Welcome to the ATL Jen. Let the haters hate. OBVIOUSLY, they care enough to troll on your page.”

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