Fans Slam Rasheeda Frost for Hanging with ‘Messy’ ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams

Rasheeda Frost posed for a photo with fellow VH1 cast-member Jennifer Williams and fans were extremely unimpressed, to say the least.

The “Basketball Wives of L.A.” star was spotted shopping in Frost’s “Pressed” store and she seemed quite happy to see Williams. The two ladies snapped a picture together while Williams held a pretty large shopping bag in her hand. Frost was decked out in her usual “Pressed” attire with her fanny pack around her waist. She took to Instagram on Monday and gave the reality star a shout out.

Rasheeda Frost

(photo credit: Rasheeda Instagram)

Frost wrote, “Thank you @jenniferwilliams for pullin up & shopping with us at @pressedatl it was great catching up with you 😘😘!!”

Fans were confused as to why Frost was hanging out with Williams and slammed the fashion designer for posing with the VH1 celeb.

“I would have liked your post you a real boss, but messy Jennifer Williams 👎,” one person commented.

“Get her out your store before you get fleas,” another fan added.

“@rasheedadabosschick Girl don’t do it…stay away from Jen @jenniferwilliams She’s going to drag you down…not a good look.”

“At least Jenn got a picture… I guess (Non famous) People aren’t equal. The main ones that purchase!”

“The boss lady couldn’t refuse the sale but I would have ran and hid in the back room!”

One of Frost’s Instagram user wrote, “I wonder if she had to make a purchase to get a picture like everyone else does?? 🤨 #ridiculous”

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star was dragged online by fans a few months ago after her mother and a customer engaged into a shouting match. Miss Shirleen refused to grant a picture to a consumer who didn’t purchase an item from “Pressed.” However, Frost cleared the air and has posted several fan photos on her Instagram page following the incident.

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