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Tami Roman Fans Send Uplifting Messages After Substantial Weight Loss

Tami Roman’s weight continues to be the center of discussion among fans but this time, there’s no negativity associated with it.

Fans of the“Basketball Wives” star on Friday, Aug. 17 posted a photo of herself strutting out in a black Fashion Nova jumpsuit paired with matching heels.

“A shadow is birthed from the womb of light #ShineOn,” she captioned the post.

Tami Roman

In a sweet turn of events from what has frequently crowded her comments section as of late, fans praised the star’s slimmer figure.

“You’re so beautiful Tami😍❤️ geesh!”

“Tami out here slim, trim and living her best life in the Lord! Sis is goalssss!!”

“@tamiroman ok! That’s what we doing this morning gorgeous. Gone and push through Friday!”

They also provided Roman with some encouraging words.

“Tami god bless you for making good choices about your HEALTH… @tamiroman You look AMAZING ❤❤🤗 shine on. Hopefully, you overcome being diabetic. STAY BLESSED.”

“Keep shining bright Tami. You look fabulous and that smile is infectious. Love you ❤”

“Very beautiful Tami! Keep shining and always know that God has your a matter of fact, he’s about to do something big for you!!! G.E.T. R.E.A.D.Y F.O.R. Y.O.U.R. B.L.E.S.S.I.N.G.!!💯🙏🙌🙌💖 @tamiroman.”

“That is right EMBRACE yourself just the way you are. Thin is in? Loving your confidence level especially when you know your worth!!!!”

The inspirational messages are likely welcome since Roman has admitted in the past that despite her tough persona, negative remarks about her appearance does weigh on her. The reality star’s weight has dropped drastically this year since she began taking control of her diabetes, she previously explained on Instagram.

“There’s not a day that goes by where comments like this [don’t] hurt my feelings,” she said after a user called her a “crackhead.” “I do have them, you know. I wish I could change my health situation and eat how I want to but I can’t. These types of comments depress me but I’m praying for strength and healing. I hope you and all who are joining feel good about the negativity you spew.”


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