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Fans Rally Around Tami Roman After She Admits Criticism About Her Weight Makes Her Depressed

Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman continues to face criticism for her skinny frame but fans are encouraging her not to give in to the negative comments.

“There is beauty in simplicity 💋 Fit: @fashionnova,” Roman captioned a Saturday, July 21 Instagram post.

The positive message was torn down by commenters who took a page out of Evelyn Lozada’s book and called Roman a crackhead.

 Tami Roman

“Tammy looking like a stone cracked head.”

“Can dish it but can’t take it. Crack head!!! Yeah, I said it.”

The remarks — specifically the first one — led Roman to respond vulnerably, admitting such statements hurt her on a daily basis.

“There’s not a day that goes by where comments like this [don’t] hurt my feelings. I do have them, you know. I wish I could change my health situation and eat how I want to but I can’t. These types of comments depress me but I’m praying for strength and healing. I hope you and all who are joining feel good about the negativity you spew.”

 Tami Roman

In response, several fans urged Roman to keep her head up and praised her for trying to rise above the negativity.

“Some people are just haters @tamiroman you’re gorgeous👑🔥🔥💪🙏💕.”

“Girl people love to hate what they have no control over… What people have to say should be used as motivation to keep on doing things the way you have been. If they are talking about you that means you are doing something right… I am diabetic as well you look fabulous.”

“Tami out here living her best life! Leave this lady alone with the hateful comments! @tamiroman you’re gorgeous!”

“You look good Tami, do what it takes to keep yourself healthy, love ya.”

Roman has been criticized about her weight since June and she’s been open about how she took control of her diabetes and how that’s influenced her size.

“I didn’t lose weight, I lost my willingness to die. DIABETES IS NO JOKE!” she said in a markedly different earlier response. “I detox, suppress my appetite and make better food choices. So enjoy yourself laughing, leaving negative comments & calling me a ‘crackhead’…but I have two beautiful daughters and I’m gon’ live for them by ANY means necessary. 💯”

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