Why Remy Ma and Papoose Will Not Have a Gender Reveal Party

Remy Ma and Papoose shared a sweet video celebrating the “Conceited” rapper’s pregnancy. However, the Mackies don’t plan on having a gender reveal bash anytime soon.

The mother-to-be uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday and showcased her husband’s utmost joy and excitement over their unborn baby. Remy Ma said she has all of her slim “angles” down packed, but her husband insists she takes all of her photos turned to the side. 

Remy wrote on her social media, ” I give him a hard time because if I don’t he will OD more than he already does🤦🏽‍♀️buttttt in all actuality, there’s no better feeling than your husband being this excited about your pregnancy 😊 We love you Daddy @papoosepapoose 💋-from RemyMom & “The Golden Child” #remyma #remymafia #MeetTheMackies #BlackLove.”

Fans gushed over Papoose’s over-joyous energy and congratulated the two.

“God bless you both and your bundle of joy. I’m so happy for you both,” one person wrote.

Another person added, “He’s so happy let him be crazy about the birth of y’all baby Remy.’

“You betta show that bump!!!”

” It’s a girl and he’s going to be crazy in love!”

An Instagram follower added, “Ya love for each other is so amazing to watch. God bless your growing family.”

The couple’s fan base wanted to know more about the baby’s sex and asked if they plan on having a gender reveal party. Remy Ma responded back in the comments, “No gender reveal, we gonna wait til the baby is born.”

The Mackies have a blended family of two children. Papoose’s daughter Dejanae Mackie and Remy’s son Jayson. The couple were expecting in 2016, but suffered a miscarriage.

The “All the Way” rapper and husband recently renewed their vowels in July after celebrating 10 years of marriage. Remy added, “I celebrated a milestone with my best friend, my partner in everything, my husband, my forever… If I could start life over the only thing I would change is meeting you sooner.”


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