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Fans Gush Over Remy Ma and Papoose’s Sweet Reaction to Sonogram

Hip Hop duo Remy Ma and Papoose shared an update of their unborn child with fans during their most recent visit to the doctor’s office.

The “Melanin Magic” rapper took to Instagram Live on Monday and gave the deets on her baby’s health and Papoose couldn’t have been happier. The doctor printed out sonogram photos that showed the couple’s bun in the oven and the “Black Love” father fell in love with his unborn child’s photo at first sight.

Remy Ma

(photo credit: Remy Ma Page)

Remy flipped her camera phone around and showed the “Pregnancy Police” aka Papoose kissing every ultrasound picture of the baby. Remy cracked up in the background and said, “Oh by the way, he’s planning on getting the sonogram picture tattooed on his arm.”

Fans sent warm wishes to the couple and fans gushed over Papoose’s sonogram reaction.

“Adorable, that baby can’t do no wrong. Pap is in love with the ultrasound pics. May God Bless you two with a healthy pregnancy,” a fan of the couple wrote.

“Awwwwwl u know he is just over the moon happy about baby… u can tell by how long that scroll of pics are 😍,” another fan added.

“Congratulations to the 2 of u! All God’s Blessings.”

“He’s so in love! I love everything about this! Congrats! God bless you guys!”

One person wrote, “Ahhh. My eyes are wet!!! 😭 I just love them and their love for each other #Blacklove.”

The couple have had fertility issues in the pass and Remy Ma opened about a prior miscarriage in 2017. She told the The Cut during an interview that it was important to share her experience to her fans.

“I had been really depressed and then my husband said, you’re not the only woman going through this. And, like everything else that he said, I did not want to hear it. But then, a light bulb went off. I was like, you know what, you’re right. Why doesn’t anybody talk about it? I’ve never heard anybody say oh I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy,” the 38-year-old said.

The couple recently announced their pregnancy after renewing their vows in July. Remy Ma is 20 weeks pregnant and expecting the baby in December. The pair have been married for 10 years.

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