Fans Think Stevie J and Faith Evans Are Going Over Board with Their ‘Fake’ Love After Getting More Matching Tattoos

Newlyweds Stevie J. and Faith Evans aren’t phased by the naysayers who think they’re love is fake.

The couple have been flaunting their relationship all over social media and posting sweet selfies together. Stevie J. and Evans dished a few deets about their marriage to TMZ during an interview on Monday and said they’re truly in love.

“We went to Vegas for a business meeting,” Evans said. “We were actually talking about plenty of places to get married, but we were in Vegas and I was like we don’t have to wait to go to such and so and he was like ‘let’s go now’… And we got online and we did that.”

Stevie J.

(photo credit: Instagram)

The “I Love You” singer denied the rumors about their marriage being fake. “There’s nothing for the haters… I don’t have anything for them,” she said. “We love each other and we’re happy.”

Fans blasted the couple when they first tied the knot and called their marriage “fake.”

“Ok luv ya married now but how long r ya gonna keep dragging it. Making me think ya did it make money off it.#nextstoryline,” an Instagram user wrote.

“Everybody been trying to use that Bey/Hov formula. Get married and capitalize off of it. This the bootleg version #lowbudgetproduction,” another added.

One person said, ” The marriage has to be a joke; a publicity stunt!”

The couple recently got matching tattoos on their forearms that read, “The Jordans.” They’ve been posting lovey-dovey pictures of one another all over their social media accounts.

The two have been friends for decades and reconnected back in 2016 during the “Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.” Evans said she was never interested in Stevie J. romantically, but he somehow won her over.

The two wedded in July and applied for marriage license in July. The two have reportedly been looking at a $40 million yacht for their wedding ceremony.

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