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Stevie J. and Faith Evans Snap a Pic with Mona Scott-Young and Fans ‘Smell a Spin Off’

Singer Faith Evans shared a photo with fans on Thursday posing with her new hubby Stevie J. and “Love and Hip Hop” executive producer Mona Scott-Young and it put the Internet in overdrive.

Stevie J. and Evans recently wedded in July and shocked friends and family. Nevertheless, people wondered if the pair married because they were madly in love or if it was all a “publicity stunt”. The couple has been sending cryptic love messages and posting several photos of each other all over their social media pages.

However, the “Soon As I Get Home” singer displayed a picture of she and her husband with Young on Instagram and fans wondered if the “Jordans” were heading over to VH1.

“I see someones about to get a show,” someone wrote.

“Are the Jordans gonna have their own show on VH1,” another asked.

“Oh lord here comes another reality show.”

“I smell a show coming!! ESP since Mona’s involved.”

One fan said, “Ohhhh now it makes sense; REALITY TV MARRIAGE. 🤦🏾‍♀️”

The couple has been knowing each other since the 90’s when they both were a part of P. Diddy’s “Bad Boy Entertainment” label. The duo were always close friends and began dating in 2016. However, their relationship didn’t work out and they called it quits around March 2017.

Stevie J. and Evans found their way back to each other and tied the knot in Las Vegas, Nevada in their hotel room. The Jordans also applied for a marriage license in Clark County and there were multiple sources to confirm their wedding, TMZ reported.

The duo debuted the matching tattoos of their wedding date that celebrated their marriage. Stevie J. and Evans seemed to be happy and just released their new steamy music video for their duet “A Minute.” Fans can listen to the couple’s new single on “Spotify” or “iTunes.”

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