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Jackie Christie Goes to Counseling to Mend Relationship with Estranged Daughter

On the latest episode of “Basketball Wives” Monday, Jackie Christie followed up on her vow to talk to a therapist about some things she’s been struggling with.

The episode saw Doug Christie’s wife visit Silicon Beach Psychotherapy where she initially began discussing why she’s had trouble with lines for her stage play debut. But then, the subject turned to another issue Christie needs to grapple with — her strained relationship with her daughter Takari Lee.

Christie admitted that she feels there are things she has to do for others — specifically her daughter.

At the 19:33 mark, she said Lee doesn’t owe her “nothing, just to be a daughter. I made her. I don’t know why she can’t just be a daughter.”

When her therapist Delena Zimmerman tells her she “can’t control” that, she explains Christie’s issues with needing to have control.

Meanwhile, Christie explains in a confessional that she hasn’t spoken to her daughter in a little while and that she’s done everything she can possibly do, but Lee can’t reciprocate expressions of love and affection. And that’s “hard” for Christie.

“I will admit, I’m controlling,” she tells Zimmerman. “Takari doing the things she’s done to me is so wrong and I get mad sometimes and angry and you’re right, I do feel like I need to control her behavior … that didn’t work. It pushed us further apart. And I want to reach out to my child but I can’t.”

Zimmerman emphasized that Lee’s actions are only a reflection of what she picked up from her mother, who has exhibited the same behavior.

“I’m realizing that Takari has to heal herself. I can’t control everything. Even with the play and even with my daughter, sometimes you just gotta let things just be.”

In response to Christie’s openness with therapy, fans have been applauding her.

“I reallyyyyyyyy love Jackie and these therapy sessions. 🙌🏽 She’s been showing a side of her she’s never had this season. #BasketballWives.”

“Everything about reality TV is fake EXCEPT for this therapy session with Jackie #BasketballWives. She is definitely real and speaking what needs to be heard.”

“Jackie I’m loving your growth, I’m inspired to go to therapy & right the wrongs in my life 💛 #BasketballWives.”

Christie has explored trying to get to the bottom of her and Lee’s estrangement on the series before, along with her other daughter Chantel, whom Christie is closer to.

Among Lee’s issues with her mother are getting kicked out of a home she was renting from her with only a few hours notice.


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